This year I’ve set myself the goal of writing one blog post per week:

I find the idea of having 52 posts written at the end of the year quite motivating. It probably doesn’t feel like a great achievement to many, but I’ve tried to do this in the past and failed fast.

Why blog

The motivation for setting this goal includes the usual suspects:

  • I want to improve my writing. I think I’m already a decent writer in English, but writing good prose takes me forever. I expect that getting a lot of practice will make me faster at writing better content.
  • I want to improve my thinking. It also seems reasonable that having to articulate your thoughts over an over will make you better at spotting incongruences and fixing them. An additional weekly mental workout.
  • I want to keep learning and make sure that what I learn sticks. I read a lot and constantly exercise my curiosity, but I don’t do a very good job at integrating what I learn and read about. Writing about what I’m learning will help with that.
  • I want to connect with like-minded others. Opening yourself up to other people requires that you make yourself vulnerable. That has it’s drawbacks, specially when you’re opening yourself up indiscriminately by making things public. The upside is that people that really connect with the way you think will feel a strong desire to reach out.

How to succeed

I’ve done no planning or research to prevent me from making the same mistakes as in the past. In fact, I can’t even put my finger on what those mistakes might have been.

The only strategy I’m coming up with is to schedule my weekly post writing on Monday. Strive to get it done before I do anything else. It will put the pressure on not delaying publishing (if I don’t allow myself to move on to other things until I do) and I’ll have time to recover if something crops up and I can’t make the blog happen first thing.

Join us!

I’m doing this challenge together with my friend Jeppe. We’re calling it #52WeeksOfPosts. Join us!