Yumfinds! is a Yelp-like website where people can register, add places and review them. It’s the coursework for Learn Node by Wes Bos. You can check out my fork on GitHub.

Yumfinds! screenshot

Tech stack

The website is a Node.js application using Express with the Pug templating engine. The data is saved in a MongoDB database using Mongoose for schema-based data modeling. Authentication is implemented as a local authentication strategy using Passport.

The front-end is built with vanilla JavaScript but uses Webpack to process Sass and JavaScript files into bundles. Google’s Maps APIs are used to build maps with search results, get the geographic coordinates of places and autocomplete an input field.

Transactional email delivery is set up using nodemailer, relying on Mailtrap for development and Postmark for production. The application is hosted on Heroku and the database on mLab.